Visionary Learning

‘Visionary Learning’ is a programmatic strategy developed by ICEVI and its partners to deploy technologies into the education of people with visual impairment. The strategy is built upon three pillars: Kit – the gadgets and devices that learners need to read and write; Content – the instructional materials that learners need in a range of accessible formats; Confidence – the skills and training that learners require to be able to use devices and learning resources confidently. Visionary Learning seeks to integrate these three pillars into a comprehensive strategy that facilitates multi-agency collaboration in the provision of quality education to learners with visual impairment through a shared goal.

This strategy is particularly aimed at improving the quality of education for learners with visual impairment in Africa. Working with stakeholders in Kenya, ICEVI Africa is implementing a Visionary Learning Strategy for Kenya with exciting successes. Plans have begun to replicate the strategy in several other African countries.

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